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Tritech Service System

Latest release: 2.0.3d / 2.9.0-mini

TSS is intended for expert Linux users and is offered AS-IS WITH NO WARRANTIES. We do not provide support services for it.

Default login for all TSS versions is "root" with no password.


We've updated MiniTSS to include some important fixes and cleanups. The "init" system includes some bugfixes and enhancements, including better general support for package compression formats other than XZ and more fallback mechanisms in case of early boot problems. Since MiniTSS is 32-bit only, the overall size was slightly reduced by stripping out 64-bit components that carried over during the original MiniTSS creation process.

Bash was removed entirely (BusyBox already provides the "ash" shell for us to use) and some unnecessary parts of NTFS-3G were also removed. The early "init" script now sets up a ZRAM-based swap if detected RAM is below about 512MB, which has reduced the memory requirements for booting MiniTSS to a 28MB absolute minimum (tested in an i386 qemu instance using the "-m 28" switch) though at least 32MB is required if you want to do anything useful. BusyBox, socat, and dd_rescue are updated, and extraneous files in the udev package were trimmed out. Linux kernel 3.10 is included, based on the TSS "nogfx" kernel build.

The final ISO is about 2.3MB smaller than MiniTSS 2.7.8, weighing in at 8MB total size. Features include NTFS filesystem support, Windows registry editing and password blanking, SSH, file backup with rsync, basic proxying with socat, data recovery with dd_rescue, and mounting SMB/CIFS shares. As usual, you may regenerate MiniTSS with your own packages and customizations from the source archive by doing something like this:

tar -xf minitss-2.9.0.tar.xz
cd minitss/
cp /path/to/packages/program_ver.pkg.tar.xz initramfs-i386/packages/

Also included is a CIFS bootstrap script, tss_bootstrap, which listens for a UDP beacon containing CIFS configuration information on port 60606, or (if no beacon is received) asks you for a CIFS server IP, share name, user name, and password, mounts the CIFS share as specified, and attempts to execute a program "packages/tt_sysupdate" within that CIFS share. This is used in our development environment to start a full TSS from MiniTSS (tt_sysupdate is an internal TSS update program).

MiniTSS 2.9.0: ISO image | source tar.xz

Previous TSS Releases

MiniTSS 2.7.8: ISO image | source tar.xz

TSS 2.0.3d bug fix release: ISO image | ZIP | source tar.gz

TSS 2.0.3 ISO image | ZIP | tar.gz USB | source tar.gz

Due to our rapid development cycle, old releases aren't provided. If you find a bug, let us know! E-mail questions, comments, suggestions, or feature requests to jody at c02ware.com.