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Tritech Service System: Screenshots

TSS doing some awesome things on an underpowered Sylvania G netbook!
Specs: VIA C7 CPU @ 1.2 GHz, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 30GB 3600RPM HD, 7" 800x480 LCD
(Which is slower and smaller than an Acer Aspire One 9" netbook)

Running 8 programs on a netbook! (and only using ~256MB of RAM total)

Densha Otoko playing from the persistent home flash drive.
Even though this is a netbook, the video plays without skipping and is totally watchable.

Setting up AOL IM and IRC with Pidgin internet messenger

Mounting the XP install on the hard drive with ntfs-3g in an rxvt console

Editing the Windows XP registry in Linux with reged

Playing MP3s from the hard drive's WinXP installation in Xine
(yes, Tokyo Pinsalocks is an awesome band)

(We have no idea why there's a little black box on some images; probably a bug in ImageMagick.)

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