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The remote Linux-to-Linux/Windows sound notification kit

NOTICE: snd2remote 0.1 has a security hole in the Windows listener. An attacker could send a special character such as & in the file name to execute arbitrary commands. This has been fixed in snd2remote 0.1a, and if you have a copy of snd2remote 0.1, it is strongly encouraged to delete it and immediately replace it with 0.1a.

If you run software on a remote Linux machine across a LAN, and you need to be able to play sounds and notifications on your local machine, this set of scripts and free software executables will let you do it! You can use a local command on any Linux machine attached to your LAN to trigger sound events on any listening Windows or Linux machine. The software does basic decision-making and scanning if the literal sound name is not accessible to try to improve the chances of a notification successfully playing. Broadcast and listen modes are included in the Linux/UNIX script "snd2remote" and a batch file (with required supporting executables) is also provided for Windows systems to receive events.

Download the entire kit here: snd2remote 0.1a (tar.gz format).

As described on the blog Random Musings of a Computer Business Owner!