Every Item at the Costco Food Court

Every Item at the Costco Food Court

The Costco food court is not the most glamorous of eateries, but it has, like many things Costco, attained a certain following. Some people are simply in need of sustenance after an afternoon of flighting through crowded aisles lugging enormous mayo jars and gallons of laundry detergent works up a hearty appetite that even the most generous end-of-aisle sample can’t satisfy. But others are just there to enjoy some inexpensive, generously portioned eatin’, some of which is actually quite solid, and some of which should probably go the way of the discontinued Polish sausage.

To sort the good from the bad, we snagged a Costco card, rolled into the mega-store and ordered one of everything in order to save you some post-shopping heartache. And heartburn. Here’s how it all stacked up.

Every Item at the Costco Food Court
Every Item at the Costco Food Court

Costco Food Court

Costco’s food court is a wonderland for every suburban kid dragged along on a Saturday shopping trip – and for the parents doing the dragging.

It’s a veritable Venus flytrap of unbelievably cheap, filling, and reasonably tasty fast-food designed to encourage shoppers to stuff their stomachs and their shopping carts.

But over the years, Costco has made some changes to its food court, many of which were met with significant backlash. My mom has been a die-hard Polish sausage stan since the ’90s, so when they suddenly vanished from the food court menu, there was a period of mourning in our household.

Costco Food Court Menu

  • All Beef Hot Dog or Polish. $1.50. Kirkland Signature – 1/4 Pound Plus All Beef Hot Dog or Polish and 20 oz.
  • Chicken Bake. $2.99.
  • Hot Turkey and Provolone Sandwich. $3.99.
  • BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich. $4.99.
  • Chicken Caesar Salad. $3.99.
  • Slice of Pizza. $1.99.
  • Whole Pizza. $9.95.
  • 20 oz. Drink.

Costco Food Court Hours

Costco Food Court, Friday hours

Costco Food Court Nutrition

And as America gravitated toward recent health-food trends such as acai, bowls, and acai bowls, those too began to show up to uninvited Costco’s food court, much like your “broke” hipster cousin who lives in Brooklyn and “visits” you to use your washing machine and eat your quinoa.

What makes acai healthier than other fruit, especially if you blend it into sugar and mix it with fro-yo? And why did Costco replace the Polish sausage with an Italian one?

In pursuit of answers, I traveled down the Hudson River to the heart of consumerist darkness: Costco Wholesale in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. My goal? To taste every single item on the Costco food court menu.

Item Prices at the Costco Food Court
Item Prices at the Costco Food Court

Costco Food Court Menu 2018

Costco Food Court Menu and Prices. Costco’s low prices don’t stop at just the items in the store. They extend into their food courts, giving you a chance to grab a meal before leaving the store (or before if you need some strength to make it through!). Whether you go with the hot dog (our favorite, of course) or pizza or something sweet, the name of the game is quality AND value. You can’t go wrong with the Costco Food Court!

Your local Costco food court menu might differ from the items listed. This should cover the majority of items that your local Costco will offer.

Costco Food Court Menu 2019

Berry Smoothie: 290 calories

  • The Berry smoothie is ranked as 15th in the calorie content table as it has a whopping 290 calories present.

Mocha Freeze: 320 calories

  • Almost the same as the Berry Freeze but this smoothie contains 320 calories per serving.

Very Berry Sundae: 430-470 calories

  • Fruit smoothie filled with Berries usually strawberries carrying a massive amount of 430-470 calories per serving.

Vanilla Non-Fat Yoghurt: 410 calories

  • Ingredients include vanilla and yoghurt amongst others containing 410 calories per serving.

Swirl Non-Fat Yoghurt: 430 calories

  • Swirls accompanied by yoghurt but it has a huge amount of calories which is about 430 calories

Chocolate Non-Fat Yoghurt: 450 calories

  • Chocolate accompanied by yoghurt containing a massive amount of 450 calories per serving.Delicious but huge.

California Churro: 470 calories

  • Its churros, nothing can go wrong, or can it?. this meal contains 470 calories per serving.

All Beef Hotdog or Polish: 540-970 calories

  • Kirkland Signature containing– 1/4 Pound Plus All Beef Hot Dog or Polish and 20 oz. Soda (accompanied by refill). This meal contains 540-970 calories per serving.

BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich: 610 calories

  • The ingredient involved in this breathtaking meal is Coleslaw, USDA Choice Beef Brisket as well as the infamous BBQ sauce. this meal contains 610 calories per serving.

Chicken Ceaser Salad: 650 calories

  • What else can you ask for, it’s Chicken and Salad no more, no less. But his meal contains 650 calories per individual serving.

Pepperoni Slice: 710 calories

  • This is basically a pizza with pepperoni topping but the underlying factor is the huge 710 calories accompanied by its deliciousness.

Hot Turkey and Provolone Slice: 740 calories

  • The ingredients involved are even more tempting as it entails Oven Roasted Turkey accompanied by Tomatoes, Provolone, some Basil, Garlic, Mayonnaise on a Toasted Torta Roll and some Red Onion, but this meal carries 740 calories on its back.

Cheese Slice: 760 calories

  • 18″ Whole Combo, Cheese, or Pepperoni. something so simple but carries a huge amount of calories, 760 calories to its deliciousness

Combo Slice: 760 calories

  • Another simple meal, a pizza Combo, Cheese or Pepperoni Slice toppings but carries 760 calories

Chicken Bake: 770 calories

  • Ingredients include Chicken Breast, Cheese, Bacon, Caesar Dressing, this famous meal contains 770 calories per serving which is quite huge.

Costco Food Court Number

Phone: +1 425-391-1731

Costco Food Court Prices

You will rarely if ever, notice a change in the prices at the Costco food court. Pizzas cost $1.99 per slice and $9.99 per pie, chicken bakes cost $2.99, and a hot dog and soda combo will always cost $1.50.

Costco Food Court Pizza

The pizza at Costco isn’t what you would call “great”, at least by broader worldwide pizza standards. You wouldn’t be like, “Hey Grade-School Soccer Team, let’s all celebrate today’s win with a nice big Costco pizza!” But you could well be like, “Hey honey, let’s make amends for that fight we had in the detergent section with some amply sized slices featuring what definitely appears to be cheese sitting atop some almost alarmingly (yet also addictively?) soft dough.

Costco pizza is a clear product of its time and place. And its place is Costco, its time is whenever you have a minute to pull your overstuffed cart over. It serves this moment in your life perfectly. And for that, it deserves a second of your recognition. Or at least a casual head nod as you plan your escape from the store.

Oh, and get the plain cheese, as the toppings only dilute this pizza’s bargain-basement greatness. Trust us. We ate every hypnotizing inch of it.

Costco Food Court Calories

A 13-ounce serving contains 480 calories, 0 g fat, 0 g saturated fat, 107 g carbohydrates (36%DV), 45 g protein, and 260 mg sodium (11%DV).

Costco Salad Food Court

What do you get when you put a pile of iceberg lettuce, a mound of chicken chunks, and a pinch of half-frozen shredded cheese into a big plastic bowl with a Lil’ cup of Caesar dressing and a questionably low price point? You get Costco’s other de facto “healthy item.”

It’s not bad, per se. It’s just incredibly basic. But hey, still beat the burger!